Cryptocurrency Rewards for the Businesses of the Future
Reward your customers in a brand new way!
Offer them the real rewards cryptocurrency BIT, instead of loyalty points.
Acquire new customers and boost repeat sales — FREE OF CHARGE.
* for merchants only
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How BitRewards works?
We will add a powerful crypto
rewards system to any online store.
Join today and get $50 worth of BIT bonus!
We are a team of experts in rewards and loyalty
marketing and software for the e-commerce.
We will take you to the next level for FREE
Think of a hype around the store, which gives
cryptocurrency cashbacks to its customers.
Want it to be your store?
Reward your customers
with BIT
We'll show you the way
to the future
Your users will be
Free Smart Reward Software
Coming June 2018
* for merchants only
How can it be...
Blockchain allows us implementing a new disruptive business model, where BitRewards profits from BIT appreciation and doesn't take payments for the software.
The merchants only pay to buy BIT, with which they rewards their users.
We provide the full infrastructure and support.
Customers are rewarded for their and their friends' purchases with BitRewards tokens, which are credited directly to their crypto-wallets.
Buying becomes mining
Customers can redeem BIT tokens with all platform merchants or exchange BIT into other currency on a Crypto Exchange or via Liquidity Smart Contract.
...and it is super easy to redeem BIT tokens
What about $50 bonus?
* for merchants only
We will give you $50 worth of BIT equivalent as soon as our token launch is completed, so you may try our service immediately and completely free.
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